Uncle Wellington’s Wives joins Bis Bookings

We’re proud to announce you that Uncle Wellington’s Wives has found the way to the house of Bis Bookings!

Uncle Wellington’s Wives is the band of writer/musician Jonas Bruyneel. Along with the expertise of his creative co-musicians, they guide you through the most intimate and pertinent lyrics that chill you to the very bone. At the same time, the songs surf on a wave of melancholy and stillness.

The band had a great year 2015. They were in the Westtalent, Jonge Wolven and Verse Vis finals and were selected for De Nieuwe Lichting. They released their EP ‘When it takes a lot of time’ by Vynilla Vinyl (Amatorski, Reena Riot, Het Zesde Metaal, Falling Man), produced by Jasper Maekelberg (Yuko, Mintzkov, Douglas Firs).