Uncle Wellington cracked ‘The Code’!


‘We cracked the code, unlocked the stupid things we thought, could hide us.’ The code is the first single of The faster I waltz, the better I jive. The song illustrates how one can patiently wait for something better, between realism and naivety. The first line echoes a famous Leonard Cohen line. It found its way to the song in the Yellow Door in Montreal, where the Canadian grandmaster played one of his first gigs. And this only weeks before his death.

In 2015, Jonas Bruyneel explored Iceland with a camera, looking for the mythical Grettir, an Icelandic hero of a saga who still symbolizes the isolation of the island. An experimental film director from London, Katia Ganfield (No Tape Inside), mercilessly edited the footage. The video clip became the rhythmic, atmospheric and bewildering visual translation of The code.

The albumĀ The faster I waltz, the better I jiveĀ is expected October 12th.