SCHNTZL: believe the hype

Today SCHNTZL is presenting their debut album schntzl in avant-première at the W.E.R.F. Label Night, in the amazing Concertgebouw in Bruges. On November 4 the album will be properly released, both digitally and in music stores all around. The music will be available on cd and on vinyl!

Jazzenzo Magazine already had a listen and here is their verdict:

“SCHNTZL dares go their own way with their debut album schntzl. The references to GoGo Penguin, Brad Mehldau, Steve Reich and Philip Glass are clear. Sparse, layered music, filmic and atmospheric, with rich melodic drums and a delicate touch on the piano. No trace of muscle flexing or excess, but concentration and dedication to dig deep into the essence of music in beautiful filmic atmosphere sketches.”

So there you go, your new favourite album!