Bis Bookings offers a tailor-made solution to management, bookings and promotion for bands with character. We are an artist-centered organisation, cooperating intensively with the musicians to determine what exactly they need to progress as a band at any stage of their career. Our services range from simply bookings, to management, promotion, tour management, distribution, and merchandise.

Management, promotion & bookings

Want to get in touch?


Lobke Aelbrecht
32 (0)485 80 61 02

Lobke works for Flanders Arts Institute now and is representing all music from Flanders and Brussels. She can therefore no longer be active for Bis Bookings. If you want to reach her, try instead!

Joshua Dellaert
+32 (0)485 37 91 14

Bands under my care:

Liselotte Vantrappen
+32 (0)475 52 40 77

Bands under my care:
Gravel Unit
Uncle Wellington’s Wives
Wim Toucour

Els Van Mieghem
+32 (0)474 50 31 17

Currently doing behind the scenes // on stage production work for festivals and concerts.