Bis Bookings goes international

It’s been a busy month for Bis Bookings. Not only did we revise the whole website, we also traveled around to promote our bands! The first weekend of September (yes, right after John Ghost and Backback played at Jazz in ‘t Park) Bis Bookings was present at the Belgian Jazz Meeting in Bruges. We shared our nice little stand at the info market with Lut from Bestov, met interesting people and saw great Belgian jazz bands. Our newest addition SCHNTZL was one of them, by the way (but we’ll tell you more about them later).

BJM 2015

At the end of the month we explored a bit further afield: Bis Bookings attended the Europe Jazz Conference (organised by the Europe Jazz Network) in Budapest. Interesting workshops and panels, amazing showcases and networking aplenty! And of course it was fun too.

Note: please read the EJN’s statement on the refugee and migrant situation in Europe, and the role that jazz (and ourselves through it!) can play to help.

EJC 2015