Altertape and STUFF. blew the roof off Casino Sint-Niklaas

Last Friday was amazing. It’s hard to describe it any other way. Altertape & STUFF. turned out to be a perfect match and raged through a full concerthall at Casino Sint-Niklaas (for some pictures by Sven Dullaert, see this album). Altertape showed once and for all that the soundscapes they produce are powerful, intriguing, danceable and skilfully composed. There, we said it.

And we’re not the only ones. Snoozecontrol was very much impressed as well, as this great review shows: “The experimental excesses and dito subtle soundscapes go from salving to grabbing your throat. (…) Without doubt a very fine performance.” (translated from Dutch)

Even though they weren’t there at the concert, enola added their own praise to the brand new EP Nandrin Sessions: “an exceptionally enthralling mix of unchained rage and controlled performance” (translated from Dutch).

Very happy indeed!

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